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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

The world is dangerous. Events happen and how we prepare and respond will dictate the cost of impact. Cost not just in monetary losses, but also human lives. BRM is your FEMA/EMI trained and certified partner who can ensure that you have adequate plans (designed and tested) and are trained to handle any crisis. Comprehensive Emergency Management, or an all-hazards approach to potential threats to life and property, is our methodology for ensuring you are protected.

Key Services

  • Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Actionable Situational Awareness Analysis
  • Continuity Planning and Development
  • Staff Development/Training
  • Exercise Planning and Execution/Evaluation
  • Crisis Event Management and Emergency Preparedness
BRM will provide the strategic and tactical leadership and assistance needed to create a comprehensive Business Continuity Program. By taking an active role leading your initiative, or just augmenting your existing team, we will help to assess, develop, recommend, support and implement enterprise-wide efforts in all business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management activities. Our goal is to ensure you can assure your customers and employees that you have an effective plan and are well prepared to deal with any unexpected crisis and/or disaster.



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